In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Seven Years War Austrians!

Well I've managed to bang off the first two 12 figure battalions of Austrians this week! Both battalions are from the Old Glory 15mm "German Musketeers in Firing Line" pack.

The first battalion (ironically IR#1 with red facings and turnbacks) I dry brushed the white over the dark brown.

The second battalion (with white turnbacks and blue facings) I took a more careful blocking approach, painting the white in and leaving brown creases showing between the areas. I think this gives better definition.

I was double checking the basing in my old copy of Warfare in the Age of Reason last night and noticed the 15mm bases they give are 1 1/8" by 1/2". That's a silly frontage so I've rounded up to an even 30mm and made these bases 30mm deep to protect the fragile muskets (one almost broke while removing it from the scrap card I glue them on for priming and painting).

Here are some more of both battalions together.

I'm quite happy with having the standard on the edge of one of the inner stands so he's closer to the center of the line. In the Seven Years War they should be spending most of their time in line anyway so that's the formation I should try and make them look best in. I'm definitely going to move the ensigns in my Prussian battalions closer to the center.

As a final thought. The other night Mike was over to paint with me, and he quipped "Why don't you just spray paint them white?" trying to be a smart-ass. I don't know why Austrians get this reaction. How is painting an army of white uniforms any different than painting a vast sea of incredibly dull Union blue (which Mike was working on at the time)? Perhaps he should go and spray his ACW guys blue?

White is a rather difficult colour to do, but if you use a darker undercoat it can be quite rewarding. The equipment, facing and lace details really pop on a white uniform. I also have hordes of more colourful Pandours and Hussars to look forward too as well.


  1. They look smashing, especially for 15mm. Where did you get the standards?

  2. They were left overs from when Scott built his Austrian army. I think they may be Old Glory flags, but I'm not sure the printing and finish seem diferent from my OG Prussian flags.
    But I've only got one more flag left and no cavalry guidons, so I'll have to find some more!