In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

Monday, August 9, 2010

SYW Prussians

As promised a few days ago here are some pictures of my SYW troops. I painted these a long time ago when the 1st edition of Warfare in the Age of Reason was the hot new thing, so that's a good 18 years and a couple of life times ago. No attempt at shading or highlighting, but the brush work is tidy and attentive to small details.
Here are IR#35 and CR#2 on a 1 cm grid demonstrating the current, Warfare in the Age of Reason, basing scheme. The infantry isn't bad, being 120 mm frontage. But the huge frontage of the cavalry regiments will, I think, skew the game somewhat. Also the spacing between the heavy cavalry bugs me. Frederick's cuirassiers and dragoons charged boot to boot.
So I'm looking at rebasing all of my heavy cavalry and moving the standards of my infantry to one end of the stand so they will be closer to the middle of the line.

Heavy cavalry brigades. All Old Glory figures. Cuirassiers in front (CR#13 Garde du Corps, CR#2) and dragoons in back (DR#3 and DR#6 the Porzallen-Regiment). The Guards should only be one or two squadrons strong, so when I rebase, I will blacken the cuirasses on 6 of the troopers to turn them into squadrons from CR#1.

Light cavalry. Hussars are Old Glory. HR#5 ('Black' or 'Death' Hussars) in front and HR#8 behind. In the rear are my Essex Bosniak uhlans. These fellows are always rated as freikorps and hence seldom do very well, but they once caught a regiment of Scott's cavalry in the rear and during their last outing they surprised everyone, including themselves, by beating two lines of Barry's French dragoons.

My brigade commanders from the Old Glory Generals pack. Some nice character, especially the eye-patch wearing hussar Keith painted up for me one night.

Der Alte Fritz on the left meets up with his little brother, Prince Heinrich, who commanded on the western front against the French and Reichsarmee forces. More Old Glory figures.

My Bavarian brigade. 5 battalions, 2 guns, 1 general. I used Old Glory Austrian 'firing line' figures for the musketeers. The coats on the artillerists are greyer but have been whitened by the lighting. I love the yellow facings and small clothes on "Regiment Minucci".

Freikorps and jeagers. The jeagers and Von Kleist Freikorps in the mirliton hats are Essex figures. The two battalions of non-descript 'double blues' in the back are made from some Old Glory Russian musketeers. I used the Russian figures because they are carrying less gear and I wanted my Freikorps to look stripped down. I have heard that Freikorps didn't have flags but the sheet of flags I bought had these two labelled 'freikorps' and the command groups have the ensign figures so there you go. I may rebase the jeagers too. Put them on deeper bases so they still look skirmishy but contract the frontage to 120mm.

A sample of my Prussian infantry; IR#6 the Guard Grenadiers, IR#24 Alt-Schwerin being lead forward by their colonel-in-chief the Graf von Schwerin at the battle of Prague, some fusiliers (IR#35 and I think #49) and lurking in the back is one of my two Garrison battalions, also made from Old Glory Russian musketeers for that stripped down look. I split a bag with Scott once when he was building a Russian army, giving me four battalions of figures. We only got one or two games out of Scott's brigade of Russians before he had to sell them. Sad, they were quite nice.

I do, of course have more Prussian infantry. But I couldn't see the point in getting all 12 battalions out of the box. And photographing the entire array, although impressive, would lack in detail and be ultimately pointless.
The buildings in the background are a trio of German HO scale plastic model RR kits I fortuitously got on sale when our local mall had a Leisure World outlet.

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