In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Dark of the Sun

Pasha Dan wanted to test run his game for the local one day game show next weekend called KEGSCON.
Pasha Dan does not do normal gaming periods. If it's off the beaten track, set some place few have heard of and requires him to painstakingly convert a mass of figures, vehicles and buildings to make it look even close enough, then Dan will probably want to game it. If he does WW2, then he's doing Yugoslavian Partisans. If he does Vietnam, then it's French troops versus Viet Minh. If he's doing ancients then it's an army of Palmyrans or a skirmish set on the Empire's remote and neglected southern frontier. His 1930s Pulp adventures set in Manchuria and Central Asia are always a big hit at Hotlead. I think his Russo-Finnish Winter War stuff is probably the most mainstream project he's done.
So last night's game was based on the 1968 movie Dark of the Sun, starring Rod Taylor, Yvette Mimieux, Jim Brown and Peter Carsten.

I'm going to let the pictures tell the story. The red and blue chips that you see in some shots are to show groups and leaders who haven't activated yet.

L-R Cpl Katiki, Sgt Ruffo (Jim Brown), Capt Heinlein (Peter Carsten) and Capt Curry (Rod Taylor) loads of conversion work, how else you going to get a DAK figure with an American "grease gun"?

L-R Yvette Mimieux and the unremembered Mining Director with all the diamonds (a couple of Rafm Call of Chthulu adventurers)

Katangan Gens d'Armes; Warlord Commandos, US Rangers, some green stuff and FNs from The Assault Group.

One of the Simbas; Zulu warrior, an FN and goodness knows what.

The game begins with the train pulled up to Port Reprieve station. Capt Curry is in the mining company office with the Director and Yvette Mimieux, trying to get the safe opened to retrieve the $50,000 in diamonds. Capt Heinlein and the two NCOs deploy the rest of the Katangan Gens d'Armes to cover the flight to the train with lots of firepower.
Pasha Dan (R) explains the scenario, Wierdy-Beardy fresh from supervising a Scout activity on the left 

Gens d'Armes deploy

European residents run for train

More Europeans running for train, note mix of Pulp and VSF figures. Many are waving pistols, but they have no combat ability in the game.

The Simba leadership. Chap with all the feathers is their commander.
Heinlein takes a half section to the Mining Offices to cover Curry's withdrawal

Simbas capture their first Europeans

More Simbas come out on the left!

Simba Commander flanks Heinlein and two Gens d'Armes go down!

Sgt. Ruffo in the rail station provides covering fire for the fleeing Europeans

Heinlein and his two men provide cover while Curry and the Mining execs make a break for it.

.30 cals on the train lay down more suppressive fire

View from train
Fighting in Port Reprieve

Overview. Curry and other Europeans in the middle running for train. Simbas swarming through town.

Simba Commander takes a bullet. Simbas can't roll off enough suppression and try to surrender. Heinlein is ex-SS, so he does what SS do....
Simbas flank the train

Curry (red beret) and Mining execs are on train. Heinlein and his two Gens d'Armes bringing up the rear. I think the Missionary by the yellow car actually managed to make it to the train.

Two mobs of Simbas come out of jungle to try and cut the rail line.

Simbas in road by RR station are getting cut down but still have control of the Europeans they were chasing. Sgt. Ruffo and his men jump for the now moving train. Heinlein is the last to get aboard. The two Europeans in the middle of the road kept rolling crap for their movement and never made it.

Simbas on the train! Taking a lot of very close range .30 cal and FN fire

Train pulling out guns blazing.

End game, train ready to power through the Simbas blazing away with everything.
Except for the Mining Execs (Yvette Mimieux and Nameless Guy) and one Missionary, none of the European residents of Port Reprieve escaped the massacre. But Curry did get the diamonds out for his employers and only lost three men doing it. The Simbas lost a lot of warriors, but I think they're OK with that and they killed many of the hated white oppressors.
Good fun had by all. Dan's rules are a mash-up of FUBAR and something else. He keeps his convention game rules really simple to speed things along.


  1. It was a jolly exciting scrap to be sure. I don't feel at all guilty, telling the engineer to put the throttle full on while the civilians ambled their way towards us and away from the bloodthirsty kjillers. Well, maybe a little ...

  2. Cool looking game. Where was Jacques Dextras and his UN troops?

    1. No idea. I'm not overly familiar with the movie, so I'm not sure where they'd come in.

  3. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. Looks like great fun was had by all, and what more could one want!. Now of course, wherever did he get that train from?

    1. It was a cheap toy that he had to do a bit of work on. Hardest part apparently was moving the engine controls further back so the engineer could actually stand in the cab.