In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

First Fire Team

As a bit of a Remembrance Day project I've done up the first fire team of Elheim's 1/72nd scale Modern Canadians.

Trying to paint arid pattern Cadpat was interesting to say the least. Google Image has been my friend, as seen here. I started with khaki tan, then gave that a wash to accentuate the details, then decided that was too dark. But it did match the mid-tone on the arid cadpat nicely (at least on some of the pictures I was holding my figures up too). I then dug about in my baskets of paints and found the Americana "Cool Neutral" was a nice match for the lighter tone. I splashed that over the khaki with blocky, right angled strokes (trying to make the mind think digital, instead of my usual splotchy approach to camouflage) to cover about 50% of the area. There is a mid-brown in the cadpat, but it's so infrequent, and in photographs it seems to disappear into the layer of dust covering the soldiers, so I opted to not bother. Odd blotches of brown at this scale would just make my riflemen look like some kind of dalmatian!

Making sure my 28mm Colonial terrain is clear of Taliban 
I also used the "Cool Neutral"  for much of the straps and webbing. Although I did vary that with some pale olive drab and some black to give a bit of variety. Boots should be a medium brown, but they are so covered in dust in the pictures I used as reference that I gave them a heavy dry brushing of "Cool Neutral" as well.

Back view
Weapons are black with Tamiya "Olive Drab" for the scopes and stocks, then highlighted. Ballistic eye wear was done with "dove grey" then a black ink wash and "cool neutral" reflective spots. The tactical green and black Canadian flag was done with a small rectangle of Americana "Leaf Green".

The base is fine sand, painted khaki and then dry brushed more "cool neutral".

For the second fire team I'm going to go back to my burnt umber base coat with khaki tan dry brushed over top and then blocking on the cool neutral for the camo.

And now some close ups. My macro skills aren't so good. I got in as close as I could.





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