In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

Monday, November 24, 2014

The Trees Have Eyes!

Last Saturday, as the Mad Padre and I watched Patrick advance the big, nasty troll towards our quivering militia to open a big can of doomy-doom on them, I observed, "We need some Ents."
"I'd love to get some Ents" replied the Padre with an air of mild despair.
"I used to have one. Did a pretty nice job on him too. Sold it with my elves a few years back."
The Padre just sighed and watched the Troll get closer.

Yes, I used to have some old, first edition Warhammer plastic High Elves. I added a Games Workshop Ent, a few Old Glory High Elves and the Ral Partha "Scottish Archer Running" (long hair, flowing cloak, he looks a bit elvish). I sold them off however at a Hotlead Bring and Buy several years back, and returned the Ral Partha archers to my 11th/12th century Feudal army.

But it turns out I didn't sell the Ent. He's been quietly contemplating things on my book shelves under a display dome (thank goodness or he'd have a quarter inch of dust on him!) along with my attempt at an Elvish Queen/Sorceress.

As you can see he's a pretty old model. I think from before the Wood Elves were their own army list. When compared to the Elf babe he's not that tall by today's entish standards.

I think the Elven lady might be a Galadriel figure (aren't they all?). In an attempt to be original I gave her a blue dress to match the blue and silver theme of my army.

These were among my first attempts at shading with washes and dry brushing highlights. I thought her hair came out nicely (unless I'd meant her to be a blond). The braid with the jewel in the back is a nice detail.

I'm almost tempted to strip the paint off her and redo her in a white robe and golden tresses. But maybe just some Army Painter Meadow Flowers to pimp the bases is all that's needed.


  1. he IS old school. I like him a lot.
    I wouldn't touch the Elf Babe, except, as you say, to make the base a little more floral, and maybe add a rabbit. She could hang out with my Elf Babe with the Basket O'Heads.

    1. they could have tea and work on some embroidered hangings for the Hall. :)

      I need to find a 28mm bunny though...

    2. But they would have to be embroidered with baskets of heads.

  2. Speaking of Ents, I need some as well. You see, I have this Mad Scientist type in my little VSF fluff universe that likes to muck about with DNA. He's really quite good at it. He's managed to cross animal and vegetable DNA to produce plant-men. Well, more like plant-apes, intelligence wise. But still.

    Ents would be the big bull gorilla equivalents.