In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Sunday Solo Solace

The black robed figure sat on the horse at the edge of the forest, surveying the village surrounded by fields and rich pasture land. It had a memory, as faint as one of the tendrils of mist coiling about its horse, of being a child in such a place. Learning to ride and handle spear and sword. Helping with harvest and herd. But the humans it had lived with were long dead and moldering in forgotten barrows.
It whispered a command to the orc captains cowering nearby "Kill everything.  Burn everything."

I just wanted to play with my toys so I set up a solo game of Dragon Rampant last weekend.

An Evil raiding force is hitting the settlements in Eriador. So 40 points of wolves, wolf riders, goblin scouts, some human heavy cavalry and three companies of orcs (light foot with mixed weapons) lead by a Nazgul.  I added some trolls later when I realized that all those points spent on fast movers were kinda wasted. The Men had 29 pts worth: a Big Damn Hero (elite rider with enchanted armour and sword) some scouts and a lot of light foot most of whom had javelins. Marching over the bridge to help was a unit of heavy foot.

With the hedges, I had been thinking maybe an elf settlement in Hollin,  but then I decided that the hedges, defended by my Elf archers would be pretty nasty! So I opted for men as defenders instead.
Yes, I rather had Buckland or Bree  in mind while setting up! 


Beor watched his page, Torvald, grooming his horse, "That's good . Work his flanks. He likes that. This afternoon when chores are done we will work on your sword skills."
A chorus of wolf howls broke the morning, answered by the harsh braying of orc horns. Beor shouted to the men around him "Foes are upon us! To arms! To arms!" He seized Torvald by the shoulder.  "Quck now! Help me arm and then get your bow!"

Flocks devoured 
The great dark pack of fell wolves swept over the pastures, ripping the throats of terrified sheep and shepherds. They ran to the hedge to be met by a flight of arrows. Howling and snapping, they swerved away. Goblins riding other wolves followed, running up to the hedge to hurl spears and wheel away from the answering arrows.
Boer and his retainers muster
Beor mounted his horse in front of his hall, his thegns gathered there as well. The huntsmen, herdsmen, sons and poorer villagers were already lining the hedges, ready with javelins and bows to drive off the raiders. 
Villagers line the hedge with bows and javelins

Beor the Brave leads his hall thegns up to the gate
Black orcs swarmed across the fields carrying broad shields and ragged black banners. With strong bows of horn they shot at the villagers lining the hedge.
Evil troops swarm across the fields

The Nazgul drives back the defenders from the gate

Watching the boys march by

Reinforcements are welcomed by the Lady of the Manor 
Some good shooting from the orcs drove back the villagers but the men brought up more defenders from the side hedge and Beor got to the gate in time to hold it, his thegns around him. Black feathered orc darts and arrows rained down, the thegns recoiling and rallying a couple of times.

Eventually the Nazgul drove his orcs forward to assault the hedge, hacking and thrusting with spears as the men hurled javelins and stabbed back. The orcs fell back broken.
Desperate fight along the hedge 

Then a follow up of good shooting from the hunters with their bows and another volley of javelins caused two of the orc companies to rout. Wounded himself, the Nazgul realized that he didn't have the troops left to take the village and went in search of easier pickings.
End game 
Played over two weekends I forgot the Nazgul's 'Goader' trait on the second Sunday and his spell casting, but some therapeutic dice rolling was had and I got to try a village  protected by a high hedge before I do that in a game with someone else.

Obviously needed less cavalry and more trolls.

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  1. Nice peaceful looking village and good looking raiders and defenders!
    Best Iain