In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

Thursday, December 31, 2020

Eagle Day!

The Battle of Britain side of my Bag the Hun project is completed and ready to play. 

I decided to try and keep things simple with the Luftwaffe, sticking to the shades of green splinter camouflage that I could be sure was used during the Battle of Britain. Other camouflage patterns, especially on the tiny Bf109Es, would be just too impossible to try and execute, or were only introduced later in the war. Although I did try some mottled grey on the Me110s, which I hope isn't too subtle.

The crosses,  some only 1.25mm across, were a bugger. Despite improving my decal application technique considerably, I had more spoilage the first night doing 12 fighters,  then I had with all of my USN and IJN aircraft put together!

So here we are, all set to try and pummel plucky Britain into submission; a staffel of 12x He111 bombers, a staffel of 12x Bf109E fighters and a schwarm of 4x Me110 heavy fighters.

On the He111s you will notice call letters along the fuselage. Miscellaneous Miniatures has separate decal sheets for bomber squadrons. I also put on the tail swastikas on 3 of them and 1x Me110,  but decided that they were too fiddly to be bothered with doing the rest.

For the Me110s and most of the He111s I actually used the larger bottom of the wing crosses because I liked the better visual impact. 

The Few are represented by a squadron each of 12x Spitfires and 12x Hurricanes, plus 4x Mosquitos for no other reason than I think they're dead sexy. 

What was I saying about tiny German crosses?

I feel a game coming on!

If I decide to go after German convoys in the North Sea I'll need some Beaufighters and shipping. But I think I'll be getting my urge to blow up ships satisfied in the Pacific. Watch this space for some exciting developments about that in the New Year!

So, with 3 hours to spare these are done in 2020, and I've achieved my arbitrary and self-imposed goal of getting everything that I purchased this year painted. I won't mention some Goths and SYW Prussians that I got as gifts however. I'll work on those next. But I think that I've shrunk the leadpile considerably. 


  1. Congrats and well done on meeting your goal! Hopefully 2021 is just as productive but more fun.