In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

Sunday, April 17, 2016


I have thrown out the last of my paper gaming catalogues.

I have a three drawer filing cabinet in the basement of rabbits. It's main function is to hold up my broken stereo. But I used to have one drawer FULL of rules. A second FULL of miniatures catalogues and the third was random crap (terrain idea sketches, scenario notes, photocopies of articles, insurance papers, job search material etc.).

I passed along most of the rules to the Mad Padre, since my nostalgia for old games is less than his and I no longer needed them for design ideas or army list research. The rules I like, use or have an interest in returning to are now all on one shelf under my paints near the gaming table.

With the internet I decided that I did not need all the out of date catalogues for reference anymore either. Catalogues for companies that are not in business anymore are especially wasteful of space and indulgent.

So now all my gaming files, mostly notes, drafts of rules, sketches for terrain, scenario ideas and photocopies of articles, are in one drawer.

With a change coming up in my Cadet employment, I've decided a lot of the papers accumulating in the spare bedroom (where I keep my uniforms and equipment) can occupy the remaining drawers.

These are the papers I'm keeping!

Instructional guides for the third year training
So all my army stuff, CIC course books and training materials (sorted by training level) are stored away instead of taking over all three drawers and the entire top of my daughter's old desk and drifting like snow around the room.

The top drawer is now empty and reserved for my upcoming posting, of which more anon. But I suspect that it will generate it's share of waste paper.


  1. I'm finally a civilian instructor with Army Cadets. Still need to submit my CIC officer application

    1. Hooray! What's your job with the unit? Supply? Admin? Course O?
      Get that CIC app done and in! It can take a while to process depending upon the recruiting centre.