In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

Friday, April 15, 2016

Where to Next? More Musings

Of course there are a few other ideas I'd overlooked last time in my Zeppeliny excitement.

Samurai. I really should do more with them and maybe look at Lion Rampant sized forces. Downside of this is I might have to buy some more figures to finish off units. But I like the figures I've done thus far, and I spent money getting them, so I'd feel stupid shelving the project.

18th century. I have a few Austrian units in progress (they've been that way for a couple of years now...) Plus lots more in bags and a few units to round out my Prussian army. Upside, don't need to buy anything. Downside, painting... Is that a downside? Any of these ideas involve painting. Being able to play biggish SYW battles would be uberkewl.

Also Richard Clarke of Too Fat Lardies has embarked upon an 18th century Imagine-ation as a project for Sharp Practice 2, which has got me thinking about the Duchy of Mantovia again. The army of Amadeus II got sidelined because I can't settle on a uniform colour and just bashing on with painting Austrians was easier.

Although after checking my inventory of SYW figures I could probably do all the Austrians I'd want and still have enough to build a Sharp Practice force for the Duchy of Mantovia and a yet to be named foe!
Lots of SYW figures!

I am also blaming the Mad Padre for getting me thinking more about 28mm Middle Earth gaming which then triggered the happy idea of using A&A miniatures gorgeous Middle Empire Romans (mid 2nd century to mid 3rd century AD) as the forces of Numenor/Gondor (I really hate PJ's depiction of the Gondorim in the movies). The middle Empire is different enough to be exotic and people won't just say "ooh! Funny painted Romans!" But I think a Roman/Byzantine vibe is appropriate for Gondor. Especially with the Rohirrim settled in northern Gondor as feoderati. The downside is that this would be the biggest expenditure. Probably even more than doing some modern British including vehicles.

Of course right now I am just enjoying the virtuous buzz from finishing up stuff in the lead pile too. So I think I'll ride that buzz for now, decrease the lead pile and enjoy playing with my mediaeval armies while pondering coat colours for the Ducal Army.

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