In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Where to Next?

With my Canadians in Afghanistan project winding up I've been tidying up on some unfinished projects and pondering what to do for my Next Big Thing.

15mm Middle Earth gaming still calls out to me. Copplestone have some nice dwarves. Eureka have nice elves and goblins. I have enough unpainted Goths to field a Riddermark's worth of Rohirrim. There is also a new company called Battle Valor Games who do nice figures, very Nordic looking dwarves and elves in long chain hauberks. I'll just be ruthlessly picky about what I choose for the armies.

It is something to think more upon.

And I've just heard that Great Escape Games is teaming up with 4Ground on The Chicago Way and gangster skirmishing. Like their successful western gunfight game Dead Man's Hand but with Tommy guns. Certainly the buildings intrigue me, since that was my issue with doing gangster skirmishing previously. I have lots of gangsters and cops. They just need decent real estate to fight around.

The new edition of Sharp Practice could get my 28mm Napoleonic troops another look and time under the brush too.

Or I could just do some British or US Marines for the Helmand.

Or I could keep picking away at half done bits and pieces and not rush my fences.

I've also for a long time had a bizarre notion to do Pulp alt-history airship fleet battles. At the Ontario Model Show I picked up this baggie of spare drop tanks and rockets for 2 bucks.

I'm thinking they look like small zeppelins.

Some flight stands from Litko and some other pieces from Brigade Games (they have airships among their aeronef models) would be cheaper than any of the other ideas.


  1. I'm a fan of the British or USMC in Helmand. But also would like to see some Sharp Practice 2.
    What era or location would you think of focusing on if you go for SP2?

  2. I've got Russians and Prussian Landwehr so it would be 1813-14 in Germany.

  3. All of those projects sound ace, though of course, for my own selfish reasons, I would prefer that you do Middle Earth in 28mm like a sensible fellow I know does.
    Rejuvenating your gangsters sounds like a good project.
    I myself am tempted by SP2, though I would use it with my ACW figs.

    1. Well the Vendel dwarves in 28mm also have a suitably Nordic look. Their elves are nice too.
      Swarms of goblins and orcs are tough though, too many cartoon Warhammer Fantasy figures or ridiculously expensive GW Lord of the Rings figures on the market.

    2. My dear fellow, I have lots of bad guys, and there are alternatives besides GW figs.

    3. True, but that puts them a long way away and games infrequent.
      Vendel also have nice Tolkienesque orcs.