In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

Sunday, January 9, 2022

Phase 2 Completed, on to Phase 1!

Wait, what?

I guess I should have laid out my phaselines in a different order, but I do prefer to execute operations on a multi-pronged, broad front approach. While waiting for glue to set, or paint to dry, I will bash on with the next thing to get it ready. 

This past weekend being a snowy, hide inside with Covid symptoms, kind of weekend, I got a lot done. Cutting bases, soaking to remove old bases, gluing, painting and flocking are all kind of brainless, low skill, jobs. So perfect for when you aren't at your best. 

My 4 Bavarian and 2 Russian gun crews have all been rebased on 70 x 70 mm bases so that they match nicely with my 140mm long limbers. I did put one Bavarian artillery officer on a round base in case I need an artillery Big Man.

Front Rank artillery officer

Front Rank guns and crews

Perry guns and crews with Perry limber

Notice that the chap shoving the charge into the howitzer lines up better with the muzzle now.

Russian skirmishers rebased as well. Notice white floral theme for Bavarians and red for Russians.

Russian artillery looks better too. Lining up with the Perry limber team. 

I think this will reduce wear and tear on the figures, which I was worrying about on their single bases, and make them easier to store too. I have kept the guns loose so that they can be hooked up to limbers or abandoned.

I have also made a lot of progress on Phases 1 and 3 as well:

Bavarian fusiliers primed and base coated!

Bavarian limber and ammunition caisson assembled and primed. With the weather having gotten very bitter and blustery, spray priming is out of the question. I am now brushing on thinned down gesso to prime, which although time consuming, works really well.

Russian uhlans trotting towards priming!

While looking at the Old Geezer in the mirror, and wondering who he was, and how he had gotten into my house, I had a bit of insight.

I think the reason that the Napoleonic era has gotten it's hooks into me so well this past year is that 11 year old me, who was trying to do this with Airfix figures, enamel paints and limited funds, is whispering: "Yeah, this is so cool older me! This is exactly what we always wanted!"


  1. I can certainly relate to your voice from the mirror of wargaming times passed! Good luck with scratching the Napoleonic itch - progress so far looks encouraging!

  2. Rebasing worked out very nicely James and good to see some of the new stuff already getting their priming and basecoats