In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

Monday, January 3, 2022

Serendipitous Russian Army

In the category of "I have awfully nice friends," a Russian army has just been gifted to me.

Honest, a book would have been enough, really

Scott stopped by today to give me a book that he had liked so much that he discovered he had already bought it. Cool, always wanted to read that one. Then he arrived with a moderately hefty box.

Ummmm... dude?

Oh my.

That's a lotta army, even for Russians

"Yeah, I decided that I have too many projects on the go already, so you can have these, so my French will have a big Russian army to fight."

Oh.... my.


Russian High Command. Hussars. Uhlans (I've had a weakness for lancers since I was a lad). 6 (that's right SIX) guns; 3x 6 pounders, 2x 12 pounders and a 20 pound unicorn. Scott agrees that no Russian army is worth it if you don't have lots of artillery. Skirmishing Jaegers. 2x battalions of Pavlov grenadiers. 10x 16 figure battalions in plastic. Plus nice flags from GMB.

For the infantry I shan't bother with Big Men etc. for Sharp Practice. I'll do these all straight up for General d'Armee. I suppose I should look at my books for some proper orders of battle to get the proportion of grenadiers, musketeers and jaegers somewhat correct.

Well, I guess my 2022 painting has been decided now.

Next year is the 210th Anniversary of Leipzig. #Leipzig2023 anyone?


  1. Well, that's a happy New Year for you!

  2. You have awfully nice friends, indeed!

  3. That is a most generous gift indeed....your mate Scott sounds like a diamond guy!

  4. Great Scott! That’s an awfully generous friend! Looking forward to seeing all this (especially the cavalry) getting painted up.

    1. Right? I think the cavalry will be first up!

  5. Lucky! That is a great collection of unpainted plastic and metal... no pressure.