In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

In which I blog about my miniature wargaming and whatever else takes my interest!

Thursday, December 29, 2022

OP Thundering Christmas Dice Pt. 2- Somewhere Near the Misty Mountains

After a tea break and then dinner with Mrs. Rabbitman, the Mad Padre and I retired back to the Basement o'Gaming with the bottle of Port for our traditional Middle Earth themed Dragon Rampant game.

This time Mike wanted to command Elves and combined his and mine to make a largish army (it could have been larger, he left some of my elves in the box), while I put out just about all of my Legions of Evil. So this game is obviously set in the Second Age sometime during the War of the Elves and Sauron over some jewelry.

Evil central division lead by a Nazgul

Evil left wing

All my Elf cavalry on table for the first time I think

A big freaking ent! I prompted Mike to make him an Epic Warbeast, but he just kept him as a Greater

Lots of wolves!

Greater and Lesser Warbeasts wild charged each other back and forth

Goblins seize the high ground!

Overview after the Port spill (notice big stain upper right). You'd think the Evil dice would have rolled better for being covered in Port, but no effect. Missed any figures or terrain though, thank Goodness!

Orcs run from the big angry tree

Elf cavalry charge into some orcs, routing them.

Grizzly bears are definitely Greater Warbeasts!
My wolves, wargs and wolf riders put pressure on the elf left flank

Pressure on the elf right flank

"Gobbos bad! Bear smash!" seconds after this picture is taken Razgul the Orc captain (the figure directly in front of the ginormous scary bear) for the Evil Left Wing is torn in two and flung into the trees. Things go badly for me on this end of the table after this. Beorn the Bear does run from the field after being peppered with barbed arrows, but the damage was done.

Wargs assail the bespelled (my Nazgul hit him with "Befuddled") Elven king, pulling down his guards 

The Lost Patrol. My surviving unit of goblins way out on the left flank after the rest of the command has been destroyed.

My wolf riders did run around the Elf left flank, but were stopped by some heavy foot. Eventually, attacks by his assorted warbeasts and archery caused enough failed courage tests that I had to do army wide courage tests for 50% casualties. More units routed. The last roll was for my Nazgul who rolled '2' and suddenly remembered a staff meeting at Dol Guldur. He retired in a huff muttering about "Stupid goblins! Always dying on you!"

Eriador was safe for the time being.

Mike has written up his experience of the game here:

Having exchanged honours with a victory each, and put a good dent in my Port, we retired to bed.

Dice were rolled. Much fun was had.

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